2019 Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Principal Investigator (PI) Meeting

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)
Hilton Washington DC/Rockville
Rockville, MD
July 16 – 18, 2019

Poster List

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Full name Poster Title
Rick Archibald FASTMATH Data Analytics Activities [198 KB]
Rick Archibald FASTMATH ML [768 KB]
Riyadh Baghdadi Accelerating LQCD Calculations Using the Tiramisu Compiler [1.23 MB]
Gautam Bisht Development of Terrestrial Dynamical Core for the E3SM to Simulate Water Cycle [2.99 MB]
Sophie Blondel Xenon Gas Bubble Re-solution Model and Xolotl Code Development [1.38 MB]
Luis Chacon Science and Math in the Center for High Fedelity Boundary Plasma Simulation [1.57 MB]
Jonas Chaves-Montero Accelerating HEP Science: Inference and Machine Learning at Extreme Scales II [1.76 MB]
Nathan Collier Choosing a Numerical Methods for a Terrestrial Dynamical Core for the E3SM [2.91 MB]
Davide Curreli Code Development and Recent Progress of the hPIC Particle-in-Cell for Plasma-Material Interactions [3.47 MB]
Ed D'azevedo Performance Enhancements of XGC [2.07 MB]
Ed D'azevedo Computer Science in the Center for High Fidelity Boundary Plasma Physics Simulation [1.17 MB]
Nan Ding Leveraging One-Sided Communication for Sparse Triangular Solvers [5.47 MB]
Anshu Dubey Applications Engagement and Community Outreach [9.66 MB]
Michael Eldred FASTMath: UQ Software [1.07 MB]
Berk Geveci In situ Viz Unlocks Unsteady Dynamics at Extreme Scale [7.80 MB]
Pieter Ghysels Linear Solver Improvements in the ComPASS4 Project [1.08 MB]
Samuel Andrea Giuliani Exploring the nuclear chart using density functional theory [4.83 MB]
Hanqi Guo In Situ Flow Analysis for MPAS-Ocean Simulations [1.05 MB]
Martin Head-Gordon Toward electrocatalysis on metal clusters coupled to an electron reservoir [7.67 MB]
Heiko Hergert The In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group: Versatile Computational Many-Body Theory [5.85 MB]
Edward Hohenstein Low-Rank Tensor Factorizations in Coupled-Cluster Theory [3.20 MB]
Jan Hueckelheim CIVL - The Concurrency Intermediate Verification Language [890 KB]
Hans Johansen FASTMath Structured Mesh Activities [1.90 MB]
Steven Johnston Accelerating quantum Monte Carlo simulations using neural networks: applications to the Holstein model and beyond [2.64 MB]
Balint Joo Accelerating Gauge Generation for Lattice QCD on Summit [985 KB]
Balint Joo MG Proto [1.44 MB]
Dong-Uk Kim Multiscale MARMOT-Xolotl coupled framework [11.40 MB]
Paul Kuberry The Compadre Toolkit for Native Degrees-of-Freedom [7.36 MB]
Ruipeng Li Linear Solvers: Multilevel methods [2.10 MB]
Fei Li The Community Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation 4:Advancing Accelerator Physics through High-performance Computing [2.77 MB]
Yang Liu FASTMATH: Fast and Parallel Direct Linear Solvers [1.20 MB]
Chang Liu Energy Loss and Radial Diffusion of Runaway Electrons due to Kinetic Instabilities [3.83 MB]
Dan Lu Advancing predictive understanding of terrestrial ecosystem through machine learning [461 KB]
Daniel Martin Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models 1:New Model Physics [389 KB]
Jonah Miller GW170817-Like Disk Produces a Blue Kilonova [11.55 MB]
Dmitriy Morozov RAPIDS Data Understanding Highlights [4.54 MB]
Juliane Mueller FASTMath: Optimizing Computationally Expensive Large-scale Black-box Problems [85.71 MB]
Todd Munson FASTMath: Numerical Optimization Activities [11.49 MB]
Habib Najm FASTMath: UQ Algorithms [1.75 MB]
Esmond Ng FASTMath Overview [3.10 MB]
Satoshi Okamoto Dynamical and thermal magnetic properties of the Kitaev spin liquid candidate α-RuCl3 [1.13 MB]
Kara Peterson DEMSI: A Performance Portable Sea Ice Model [7.92 MB]
Siva Rajamanickam FASTMath: Kokkos Kernels and  Linear Solver [1.71 MB]
Vishagan Ratnaswamy Physics Informed Neural Network Surrogate for E3SM Land Model [2.24 MB]
Noemi Rocco Electroweak responses of nuclei [8.23 MB]
K. J. Roche Effect of Helium Flux [8.83 MB]
Phil Roth Reducing the Memory Footprint of a PETSc-based Cluster Dynamics Simulation [1.53 MB]
Andrew Salinger Algorithms and Software for Fast E3SM Atmosphere Tracer Transport [2.72 MB]
Adam Schneider Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models 2: Ice Sheet and Earth System Model Coupling [513 KB]
John Shadid Tokamak Disruption Simulation (TDS) Center: Toward Robust and Efficient Simulation using Scalable Formulations, Solvers, and UQ [5.08 MB]
Mark Shephard FASTMath: Unstructured Mesh Technologies for Fusion Simulation Codes [12.48 MB]
Mark Shephard Unstructured Meshing Technologies [2.71 MB]
Trevor Sprouse Implementing and evaluating modern nuclear models in the study of r-process nucleosynthesis [1.23 MB]
Patrick Steinbrecher Performance of Staggered Fermion Kernels using Grid [1.66 MB]
Panos Stinis Improving convergence for stochastic physics parameterizations [869 KB]
Mark Stowell MFEM: Scalable Finite Element Methods [3.94 MB]
Xianzhu Tang Tokamak Disruption Simulation (TDS) Center: Charting a Path for Disruption Mitigation using Large-Scale Predictive Simulations [661 KB]
Ingo Tews Neutron-Star Mergers as Probes for Nuclear Physics [4.67 MB]
Adrian Turner DEMSI: Discrete Element Model for Sea Ice [2.24 MB]
Maxim Umansky Dynamic plasma material interactions at the tokamak edge [957 KB]
James Vary Deep Learning for Ab Initio Nuclear Theory Extrapolations [587 KB]
Alice Walker QM/MM studies of fatty acid photodecarboxylase [1.24 MB]
Hui Wan Atmospheric physics convergence project overview [1.51 MB]
Jerry Watkins Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models 3: Performance, Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification [405 KB]
Samuel Williams Performance Analysis using the Roofline Model [4.90 MB]
David Williams-Young Shift Placement in a Parallel Spectrum Slicing Method [955 KB]
Carol Woodward FASTMath: Time Integration Activities [121.02 MB]
Carol Woodward Improving numerical robustness and physical consistency [2.0 MB]
John Wu Scientific Data Management: Supporting Scientific Discoveries Through Efficient I/O [3.15 MB]
Xuping Xie Analytic Continuation of Noisy Data Using Multistep Neural Network [384 KB]
Takanobu Yamaguchi Progress toward adaptive vertical grid enhancement in E3SM [6.36 MB]
Chao Yang FASTMath: Eigensolver Activities [2.74 MB]
Shixuan Zhang Efficient and objective testing of solution correctness for HPC applications [1.01 MB]