Volunteer for the Science Bowl!

How can you help? Volunteer your time and skills to help make this year's Science Bowl a success. Read about the volunteer opportunities on this page and click the Volunteer Registration link in the sidebar to become a TSB volunteer!

Opportunities for Volunteers

Training information is listed at the bottom of this page. Interested volunteers should email Manon Fleming for more info.

Civility Award Judge

  • Serves on a team of 12-15 volunteers
  • Observes teams during round-robin competition and during breaks
  • Collaborates to select most respectful and courteous team

Crowd Control

  • Assist students, coaches, volunteers, and guests with directions and general information


  • Reads questions to teams
  • Controls the match
  • Science/engineering/math background preferred


  • Volunteers assist with distributing team and volunteer information on Friday and/or Saturday.

Rules Judge

  • Ensures that all competition rules are followed
  • Ensures that is it quiet
  • Ensures that no one signals/communicates with the competitors


  • Takes the official score sheet from the competition room to Science Bowl Central
  • Runs errands for competition room officials, as required

Question Judge

  • Ensures correct teams are in the competition room
  • Ensures the moderator is reading questions from the correct round
  • Ensures the moderator is reading the questions correctly (not skipping words, correct pronunciations)


  • Set up the score sheet
  • Keeps a running total of scores in the competition room
  • Announce total at half-time and the final scores at the end of the game
  • Sign official score sheet


  • Focus on the time – not the game!
  • Operates the official competition time clock
  • Must know the competition rules

Training for All Volunteers

Attention: Training will be conducted in-person and on Zoom Tuesday, January 30, 2024 from 5:30 pm - 7:00 p.m. for Saturday competition room volunteers. Training is required for Moderators, Question Judges, and Rules Judges and is strongly recommended for Scorekeepers and Timekeepers with less than 3 years of experience.

Well prepared volunteers are crucial to the success of the competition!!  An e-mail reminder about the training will be sent to volunteers in early January.

Interested volunteers should email Manon Fleming for more info.