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Tennessee Science Bowl

Volunteer for the Tennessee Science Bowl!

How can you help? Volunteer your time and skills to help make this year's Science Bowl a success. Read about the volunteer opportunities on this page and click the Volunteer Registration link below to become a TSB volunteer!

Volunteer Registration


Read the competition questions orally and control the match. The moderator must be able to pronounce scientific terms correctly and be familiar with the competition rules.

Science Judge
Resolve question challenges and serve as backup Moderator.

Rules Judge
Ensure that all competition rules are followed.

Keep track of team scores.

Operate the official competition time clocks.

Take the official score sheets from the competition room to the scoring table.

Crowd Control
Assist with directions and general information.

Civility Award Judge
Observe teams to select the team that best displays a positive, respectful, competitive attitude during the competition.

Hand out team information and items; help with team registration tasks

Use of Photos, Videos, Images, or Recordings

ORAU reserves the right to use photographs or videos taken of participants in this program to promote the program and recruit future participants for their scientific and technical activities. This includes any activities involved in the normal course of business: meetings, events, conferences, research activities, training sessions, etc.

Underage Volunteers

Underage volunteers will need to have this consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Underage Volunteer Participation Forms should be faxed to 865-576-1609.