Tennessee Science Bowl Format

The virtual regional competition is played in a question-and-answer format in which each student team attempts to answer toss-up and bonus questions. In each round, each student team is asked the same questions in order to score points. The teams with the highest cumulative score from the preliminary rounds will move on to the elimination rounds. The teams with the highest scores in each of the elimination rounds will continue competing until there is a winner.

How It Works

Each virtual regional competition round consists of 18 toss-up and 18 bonus questions.

Before reading the question, the moderator identifies:

  • Whether it is a toss-up or bonus question
  • The subject area
  • Whether it is multiple choice or short answer

There is not a time limit for the round, but there is for each question. For a toss-up, teams have 7 seconds to choose to answer the question. For a bonus question, teams have 22 seconds to begin to answer the question.

In order to elect to answer a toss-up question, a contestant raises his/her hand. The Recognizer then verbally recognizes the student.

If the student answer the toss-up question correctly, the team receives 4 points and is awarded a bonus question. A correct answer to the bonus question results in the team receiving an additional 10 points.

Play then continues with the reading of the next toss-up question.

As a toss-up question is read, a student may interrupt the reading of the question with a raised hand.

If the student is verbally recognized by the Recognizer and answers correctly, the team is awarded 4 points and wins the right to answer a bonus question.

If the student interrupts the question, is verbally recognized, but answers the toss-up question incorrectly, no points are awarded and the Moderator moves on to the next toss-up question.

A student MUST wait to be verbally recognized by the Recognizer before beginning to answer the toss-up questions. This rule is necessary to avoid situations where two team members think they have raised their hands first and blurt out simultaneous answers.

The game is over when the all 18 questions have been read.