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Tennessee Science Bowl

Volunteer Opportunity: Scorekeeper

All Scorekeepers with fewer than three years of experience should attend training at ORAU’s Pollard Auditorium. Please see the volunteer registration form for the date and time of this training. The rules for scoring, the score sheet, and competition format will be reviewed.

Watch the Training Video


  • Set up a score sheet on the overhead projector.
  • Place points in the first column under a team and keep a cumulative tally in the second column.
    • Toss-up questions = 4 points
    • Bonus questions = 10 points
    • If a competitor interrupts the Moderator while a question is being read, and then answers the question incorrectly, the opposing team:
      - is awarded 4 points
      - has a chance to answer the toss-up question (for an additional 4 points)
      - has a chance to answer the bonus question (for an additional 10 points)
  • At half-time, draw a double line with a total. Announce the scores for Teams A and B.
  • At the end of the game, announce the final scores.
  • Sign the official score sheet completed by the moderator. A runner will take the overhead transparency and signed score sheet to Science Bowl Central.