Prepping for the Science Bowl

Science Bowl Prep Voice Skill

New for 2020! Science Bowl Prep voice skill

LINK: How to enable Science Bowl Prep Skill

Teams can practice for the Tennessee Science Bowl using the all-new Science Bowl Prep voice skill on either an Amazon Echo (Alexa) device, Google Home device, and their respective apps on their smartphone.

To use the Science Bowl Prep skill on your Amazon device, enable the Science Bowl Prep skill on your Alexa app, then ask Alexa to “Open Science Bowl Prep.” 

For Google Home devices, say “Hey Google, talk to Science Bowl Prep.”  

The Science Bowl Prep skill relies on sample questions provided by the Department of Energy National Science Bowl. These are question sets that have been used in previous National Science Bowls. At release, the Science Bowl Prep skill has 10 rounds of questions with 25 toss up questions and bonus questions for each round. Additional question sets will continue to be added. The Science Bowl Prep skill is designed to simulate real game play with the voice assistant serving as the moderator. When students launch the Science Bowl Prep skill, they can select a round and the voice assistant will ask the first toss up question. Contestants can give their answers directly to the digital assistant by voice. Correct answers will allow the students an opportunity to then answer a bonus question.

Because the Science Bowl Prep voice skill is in beta mode, we need your help. Should you encounter bugs in the operation of the skill, please report them to us by email at

Printable Sample Questions 

Sample questions are available as pdf files. These questions were used in past Science Bowl competitions.

Sample Questions —Used at the Regional Competitions in Previous Years (from the National Science Bowl website)

Additional Questions

Biology - Set 1
Biology - Set 2

Chemistry - Set 1
Chemistry - Set 2

Earth Science