Frequently Asked Questions


Any public, private, or homeschool high school in TN may register teams to compete. Each team must have at least 4 students. Please read more about eligibility here.

FREE! There is no registration fee nor any other cost for teams to participate in TSB.

A team may register up to three teams. All first teams that register will be accepted to participate first, followed by second teams, and then third teams as space is available. Please read more about eligibility here.

You are qualified for early bird status simply by registering and submitting all necessary paperwork by November 20, 2020. Read more about the important dates here.

All students who will compete must be present in the registration meeting and at the location where they intend to compete so that TSB staff can check their cameras, naming conventions, read a practice question or two, and answer any student questions. Each session should be less than 15 minutes in length. The purpose of the registration meeting is to make competition day run more smoothly.

There are many differences, but the key differences are:

Rounds are not headed-to-head. Each team will be in a competition room alone and all teams will be asked the same questions as other teams in a round.

  • There are no rankings or seeding as there is no head-to-head competition.
  • The competition will span two consecutive Saturdays.

Read the official rules here.

If a team member does not compete in the Preliminary Rounds during the first Saturday of competition, he or she is ineligible to compete in the Elimination Rounds during the second Saturday. It is our suggestion to have 5 students on each team so that in the event of an emergency, there are still 4 to be able to compete.

Please contact TSB Coordinator Kayla Canario to discuss what the options are.

On January 7, 2021, TSB coordinators will send out an email with the list of all participating teams. In the past, it was also an indicator if your team was accepted on the NSB website. That is NO LONGER the case. All registered teams will be accepted in order to release the ability to do the online paperwork.

All teams will compete in three preliminary rounds on February 27th. The 48 teams with the highest cumulative scores will advance to the Elimination Competition on March 6th. Once the Elimination Competition starts, teams will be eliminated each round until there is a winner.

Absolutely! The NSB is planning to be an in-person event in 2021!

Technological Questions

This sometimes happens when students are using school issued devices. We recommend having the student log out of their school issued account before logging into zoom. Also, using a non-school issued device should remedy the problem.

Typically, yes. The final answer to this can be determined by TSB staff in the registration meeting with all team members present.

Two seconds have been added to the answer time for both toss-up and bonus questions to compensate for the potential for a lag in timing.

Coaches should contact TSB staff at to see how we can potentially help to resolve the issue.