Summit Materials

In an effort to be environmentally responsible, the Science and Technology Directorate is “going green” by providing limited hard copy materials for the 5th Annual DHS University Network Summit. The Office of University Programs would like attendees to assist in the “going green” efforts by printing only materials that are of interest to them, rather than the entire Summit program book. Your cooperation in preserving the future is greatly appreciated.

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Summit Speaker Presentations

Note: These presentations can be lengthy and may contain large graphics and images resulting in a large file size. Please reference the file size listed beside each presentation that is 1 MB or larger and take this into consideration when downloading the file. Dependent upon your Internet connection, large file sizes may greatly delay the download speed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome and Introduction Under Secretary Tara O’Toole, Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Keynote Speaker Secretary Janet Napolitano, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Plenary Speaker Neil Stansfield, Office of Security and Counter Terrorism, UK Home Office
Plenary Speaker David V. Aguilar, Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Concurrent Morning Panel Sessions 1, 3 & 5
Panel 1: The Role of Transportation in the Spread of Disease MODERATOR:
Grace Mei-Hua Hwang

Jon Parker
Jürgen Richt (2.13 MB)
Katherine Waters (1.69 MB)

John Korah
Panel 3: Balancing Commerce and Security: Threat Identification Methods and Promising Security Initiatives MODERATOR:
Paul Kantor

Stephen Hora (836 KB)
Brian Jenkins (188 KB)
Fred Roberts (1.85 MB)

Samrat Chatterjee (272 KB)
Panel 5: Data Driven Solutions for Preventing Cross-Border Terrorist Attack MODERATOR:
Gary LaFree

Victor Asal (91 KB)
Jay Nunamaker (758 KB)
Brent Smith (410 KB)

Mary Daughtrey (141 KB)
Concurrent Afternoon Panel Sessions 2, 4 & 6
Panel 2: Agricultural Supply Chain Vulnerabilities and Solutions MODERATOR:
Tammy Beckham

Claire Andreasen (406 KB)
Alan Erera (576 KB)
Michael Orosz (1.56 MB)

Heather Simmons
Panel 4: Balancing Commerce and Security: Technical Challenges in Cost-Benefit Analysis, Simulation Modeling, and Stakeholder Involvement MODERATOR:
Isaac Maya

Tayfur Altiok (1.26 MB)
Adam Rose (298 KB)
Renee Graphia Joyal (295 KB)

Samrat Chatterjee (127 KB)
Panel 6: Novel Information Technology Solutions to Pervasive Issues in Homeland Security MODERATOR:
Trent DePersia

Carl Crawford (1.93 MB)
David Ebert (2.53 MB)
Eugene Fink

Alyssa Mangino (48 KB)
Report Out Session Panel 3 (272 KB)
Panel 4 (127 KB)
Panel 5 (141 KB)
Panel 6 (48 KB)


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome and Introduction Peter Appel, Administrator, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Department of Transportation
Plenary Panel Session: Emergency Large-Scale Event Evacuation Panel: Pilot Studies MODERATOR: Chris Doyle (1.07 MB), Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Jeff Miller, Director, Strategic Security Programs, National Football League
Daniel DeLorenzi, Director of Security at New Meadowlands Stadium, NJ
Capt. Richard Aschenbach, Region 1 Commander, New Jersey State Police
Joe Borkoski, Regal Decision Systems Inc.
Plenary Speaker Under Secretary Tara O’Toole (1.8 MB), Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Concurrent Morning Panel Sessions 7, 9 & 11
Panel 7: The Role of Social Media in Understanding and Managing Complex Catastrophic Events MODERATOR:
Alexander Siedschlag (27 KB)

Eduard Hovy (346 KB)
John Preston (399 KB)
Hayley Watson

Andrea Jerkovic (129 KB)
Panel 9: Transportation Infrastructure Analysis and Damage Assessment MODERATOR:
John Fortune

Robert Abercrombie (2.79 MB)
Lee Glascoe (1.34 MB)
Andrzej Nowak (1.68 MB)

Bill Plott (132 KB)
Panel 11: The Role of Transportation in Large-Scale Event Evacuation MODERATOR:
Mike Matthews (163 KB)

Yi-Chang Chiu (1.41 MB)
Jeffrey Wojtowicz (23.03 MB)
Scott Parr (2.16 MB)

Emily Saulsgiver (51 KB)
Concurrent Afternoon Panel Sessions 8, 10, & 12
Panel 8: The Role of Transportation in Community- and Individual-Level Resilience MODERATOR:
Michael Bruno

Thomas Montz (1015 KB)
Brian Sauser (1.44 MB)
William Wallace (1.24 MB)

Leonid Lantsman (27 KB)
Panel 10: Assessment of Critical Infrastructure Pre- and Post-Event MODERATOR:
Mary Ellen Hynes

Richard Christenson (1023 KB)
James O’Daniel (924 KB)
Eric B. Williamson (813 KB)

Denise Kruse (130 KB)
Panel 12: The Role of Transportation Systems in Regional Evacuation Models MODERATOR:
Herb Engle

Yi-Chang Chiu
Eva Kassens-Noor (478 KB)
Brian Wolshon (1.98 MB)

Vinayak Dixit (56 KB)
Report Out Session Panel 7 (129 KB)
Panel 8 (27 KB)
Panel 9 (132 KB)
Panel 10 (130 KB)
Panel 11 (51 KB)
Panel 12 (56 KB)


Friday, April 1, 2011

Keynote Speaker John S. Pistole, Administrator, Transportation Security Administration
Plenary Speaker Boaz Ganor (2.36 MB), Executive Director, The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
Plenary Speaker W. Craig Fugate, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Concurrent Morning Panel Sessions 13, 15, & 17
Panel 13: Risk and Opinion: Assessing the Impact of Transportation Counterterrorism Policies MODERATOR:
Heather Rosoff

William Burns (682 KB)
Richard John (1.91 MB)
Robin Dillon-Merrill (284 KB)
Jun Zhuang

Heather Rosoff (151 KB)
Panel 15: Risk, Network, and Data Driven Approaches to Assess Vulnerability of Transportation Systems MODERATOR:
Rod Diridon (1.73 MB)

Bruce Butterworth (371 KB)
Michael Greenberg (644 KB)
Nicholas E. Lownes (396 KB)

Michael Accorsi (61 KB)
Panel 17: System Optimization for Mitigation, Response and Recovery MODERATOR:
Thomas Wakeman

Christos Cassandras (917 KB)
Blaine Fahey (1.93 MB)
Ali Mostashari (820 KB)
Heather Nachtmann (911 KB)

Angelica Sogor (15 KB)
Concurrent Afternoon Panel Sessions 14, 16, & 18
Panel 14: Threat Recognition and Prevention MODERATOR:
Michael Silevitch

Douglas B. Boyd (1.21 MB)
Richard Moore (554 KB)
Jimmie Oxley

Mariah Nobrega (529 KB)
Panel 16: Challenges and Innovations in Risk Assessment for the Homeland Security Enterprise MODERATOR:
Debra Elkins

Samrat Chatterjee (813 KB)
Douglas Himberger (1.06 MB)
Henry H. Willis

John Lickfett (135 KB)
Panel 18: Modeling Risk and Disruptions on Transportation Networks MODERATOR:
Jack Aherne (222 KB)

Alexei Kolesnikov (187 KB)
Adel Sadek (2.51 MB)
Jeffrey Short (4.76 MB)

Carol Lewis (590 KB)
Report Out Session Panel 13 (151 KB)
Panel 14 (529 KB)
Panel 15 (61 KB)
Panel 16 (135 KB)
Panel 17 (15 KB)
Panel 18 (590 KB)
COE Fact Sheets
Awareness & Localization of Explosives-Related Threats (ALERT) (651 KB)
Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) (291 KB)
The Command, Control and Interoperability Center Of Excellence (CCI) (475 KB)
Coastal Hazards Center of Excellence (CHC) (585 KB)
National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) (314 KB)
The Kentucky Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (KCIP) (702 KB)
National Center for Border Security and Immigration (NCBSI) (847 KB)
National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD) (781 KB)
National Transportation Security Center of Excellence (NTSCOE) (439 KB)
National Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response (PACER) (295 KB)
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) (407 KB)
Zoonotic and Animal Disease Defense (ZADD) (524 KB)

For more information about each of the Centers, please follow the links below:

National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE)

National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD)

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)

National Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response (PACER)

National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense (FAZD)