Design 3

2017 ASCR Applied Mathematics Principal Investigators Meeting

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy
Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)
September 11-12, 2017
Rockville, MD



Question: What is the display ratio for projectors at the meeting?

Answer: The display ratio for projectors is 16:9.


Question: How will poster abstracts be used?

Answer: A collection of poster abstracts will be provided to meeting attendees. The poster abstracts will not be publicly posted on the website.

Question: Is it required that participants use the PowerPoint poster template posted online for the PI meeting to prepare their posters?

Answer: No, it is not required to use PowerPoint to prepare your poster, but the content of the poster should follow that specified in the template.

Question: Must I print my own poster?

Answer: Yes, each presenter must bring a poster hard copy to the meeting; be sure to follow Poster guidelines regarding size and content. Prior to the meeting, attendees will receive information about assigned poster session time and location. All posters will be displayed on bulletin boards in the atrium of the Rockville Hilton; push-pins will be supplied by the meeting organizers. We encourage all posters to be displayed throughout both full days of the meeting.

Question: Must I also make a poster blitz slide?

Answer: Yes, each poster presenter will be given one minute to make a brief oral presentation introducing the poster in a poster blitz session. Please prepare a single slide that includes your poster title, authors, and the main points you think will generate interest in your poster. Be sure to upload your poster blitz slide - by Friday, Sept 8.

Question: Why are you also collecting a PDF file of each poster? How will PDF files of posters be used?

Answer: For each poster, the abstract, blitz slide, and poster PDF file will be made available to meeting participants in a password-protected area of the meeting website. It is fine to provide a lower resolution PDF file of the poster. The uploaded PDF and resolution should at least be good enough for printout on letter-size paper as a handy record of your contribution. Poster upload page -

Note: The organizers will not print posters for display at the meeting; printing a poster hard copy is the responsibility of each poster presenter.


Question: Is it permissible to submit a whitepaper to this meeting with a co-author who does not receive funding from the DOE ASCR Applied Mathematics Research Program?

Answer: Yes, a whitepaper written in collaboration with anyone (regardless of funding sources and nationality) may be submitted to this meeting, as long as the corresponding author is partially supported by the DOE ASCR Applied Mathematics Research Program.

Question: The stated questions do not mention optimization, UQ, or design (nothing about using the simulations beyond "predictive"). Is this intentional or are these topics supposed to fit somewhere in the four areas?

Answer: The topics of optimization, UQ, and design are indeed very important, and these are within the scope of question 1b. Some recent community reports have considered these and related topics under the umbrella of 'beyond interpretive simulation' or 'toward predictive simulation'. Question 1b has been revised to incorporate these topics explicitly:

Revised 1b:
How can we truly advance beyond interpretive simulation to predictive simulation, optimization, and design for complex physical systems? What obstacles remain, and what will characterize the models, algorithms, and computational horsepower necessary to overcome them?

Question: I would like to submit a whitepaper on a topic that is not listed among the categories of whitepaper questions. How should I proceed?

Answer: The whitepaper questions loosely categorize areas of potential high-impact future directions for the ASCR Applied Mathematics Program. The intent is for the whitepaper questions to be sufficiently broad to accommodate a wide range of whitepaper topics. Please reconsider the whitepaper questions and try to identify at least one that is relevant in a broad sense for your topic. If you have further concerns, please speak with your ASCR institutional point of contact or send email to

Question: I want to submit a whitepaper to the meeting but I am concerned about revealing ideas that I may want to incorporate into a future proposal. Do you have guidance about this circumstance?

Answer: The goal of whitepapers is to brainstorm broadly about new areas of work in the ASCR Applied Mathematics Program needed to meet DOE mission needs. We encourage whitepapers to be written at a relatively high level about broad topics, not delving into project-specific details. Whitepapers are a great opportunity to expand beyond traditional project boundaries to consider crosscutting topics for future directions. The organizing committee will consider whitepaper submissions in order to determine panelists to spearhead discussions during the meeting. Also, attendees will vote during the meeting on whitepaper topics for several short presentations.