The At-risk Populations eTool is a companion to the At-risk Populations Workbook. The purpose of this tool is to help you create a Community Outreach Information Network (COIN) to reach at-risk populations in an emergency.

What is an “at-risk” population, how do you identify and reach them, and what are the best ways to keep your knowledge of these populations current? This tool will help answer these questions and strengthen your community information outreach systems.

  • The tool will help define, locate, and reach your “at-risk” populations
  • You’ll learn how to create a COIN for more efficient information distribution to those populations
  • You can access and save fillable forms and templates to your own computer to help you create your COIN network, including the comprehensive “Plan Components” PDF form, which you can use to collect and save information as you go through the eTool
  • Navigation through the eTool is simple: click on a step to go to that step, and click on a shaded area, shape, or link to access the information described
  • Learn how to keep your information current

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