At-risk Populations eTool


At-risk Populations eTool: To Define, Locate, and Reach Special, Vulnerable, and At-risk Populations in an Emergency

Product Purpose/Goal/Objectives

This At-risk Populations eTool, which is a companion to the At-risk Populations Workbook will help you develop your own Community Outreach Information Network (COIN), a grassroots network of people and trusted leaders who can help with emergency response planning and delivering information to at-risk populations in emergency situations.

How to Use

The At-risk Populations eTool is designed to first give background information about defining, locating, and reaching at-risk populations. Progress through the tool using the Previous and Next links at the bottom of each page. Notice the blue bar on the left. Clicking the little arrow will make the bar expand. Each page has a Search area in the upper right. Any part of the eTool can be accessed by clicking on the top tabs or by choosing an entry in the menu on the left. At the bottom of each page you can see the Resource Guide that will be helpful when you’re reading through the sections or building your own plan. The Resource Guide includes fillable PDF templates and the comprehensive fillable PDF, “Plan Components.” These PDF documents can be saved to your desktop. As you enter information in them, be sure to save your progress.

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