Lightning Round

The event entitled "Lightning Round of Quantum Center Pitches" is scheduled at 5 – 6 PM on January 31 in the plenary session room of the PI meeting. The event will feature "Center" pitches in two minutes or less and using no more than 2 slides each. For interested parties, please upload your slide(s) to the slide submission website by Midnight EST, Monday, January 21, 2019, along with the contact information of the primary spokesperson (who should be an attendee at the meeting). Only one submission is allowed per participant as lead. An internal SC team will review the submissions and select up to 30 "center" pitches to be featured in the event.

The following are suggested questions to be addressed in the pitch slides:

  • What roles do large collaborations or Centers play?
  • What is the thematic focus of your Center?
  • What partnerships can your Center bring together?
  • What are the three-, five-, and ten-year goals?
  • Any additional input on the Quantum Center concept?

Please note these inputs should not contain proprietary information and will be used to inform SC's further deliberation on the Quantum Center concepts. This initial round of input collection may be followed by community-wide events to be scheduled later in CY2019.