United States Department of Energy Office of Science

ASCR Workshop on Software Productivity for Extreme-Scale Science

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy,
Office of Advanced Scientific Computing research
Hilton Rockville
Rockville, MD
January 13-14, 2014

Position Papers

Information on Position Papers is available for download in PDF format (64 KB).

Workshop on Software Productivity for eXtreme-Scale Science (SWP4XS) Position Papers

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Roscoe Bartlett, Michael Heroux and James Willenbring
Agile Lifecycles for Research-driven CSE Software [PDF 132 KB]

Roscoe Bartlett
Overview of Software Challenges in CSE [PDF 102 KB]

Roscoe Bartlett
Fortran Isolates the CSE Community [PDF 83 KB]

Iván Bermejo-Moreno
Position Paper on Testing and V&V [PDF 49 KB]

David Bernholdt
Software as "Instrumentation" for Computational Research [PDF 32 KB]

David Bernholdt, Al Geist and Barney Maccabe
Resilience is a Software Engineering Issue [PDF 32 KB]

Jed Brown, Matthew Knepley and Barry Smith
Run-time Extensibility: Anything Less is Unsustainable [PDF 123 KB]

Jed Brown
Scalable Repository Workflows [PDF 96 KB]

Jeff Candy, Phil Snyder and Vincent Chan
Whitepaper for Extreme Scale Science Panel [PDF 42 KB]

Jeffrey Carver and George Thiruvathukal
Applying Appropriate Software Engineering to Exascale Software Development [PDF 118 KB]

John Cary
New Software Technology and its Relation to Application Lifecycle [PDF 64 KB]

Eric Cyr and Roger Pawlowski
Challenges for Component-based Multiphysics PDE Codes on Multicore Architectures [PDF 104 KB]

Anshu Dubey
Preparing Mature Codes for Generations of Heterogeneity [PDF 56 KB]

Stuart Faulk
Effective Software Engineering Approaches to Resolving Scientific Computing's Productivity Gridlock [PDF 103 KB]

Charles Ferenbaugh
Software Engineering Issues in Moving Legacy Codes to Future Architectures [PDF 67 KB]

Ian Foster
Dark Software: Addressing the Productivity Challenges of Extreme-scale Science On-ramps and Off-ramps [PDF 672 KB]

Robert Harrison
Productivity and Performance for Extreme-scale Science [PDF 80 KB]

Michael Heroux
Improving CSE Software via Rigorous Research Expectations [PDF 77 KB]

Paul Hovland, Barry Smith, Marc Snir, Lois Curfman McInnes and Boyana Norris
Exposing and Expanding Compiler Technologies to Improve Software Productivity in Developing Mathematical Libraries and Simulation Codes [PDF 219 KB]

Phil Jones
Software Productivity Challenges in Climate Modeling [PDF 61 KB]

Michael Kumbera
Efficient HPC Software Development [PDF 58 KB]

John Mellor-Crummey
Improving Software Productivity for Extreme-scale Systems with DSLs [PDF 54 KB]

Mark Miller
A Scalable Mesh and Field Data Source that is both Virtual and Tuneable [PDF 104 KB]

Ron Oldfield, Nathan Fabian, Kenneth Moreland and David Rogers
Productivity Challenges for Integrating Simulation and Analysis [PDF 267 KB]

P. Sadayappan
Enabling the Productive Development of Efficient Partitioned-address-space Parallel Applications from Global-address-space Abstractions [PDF 29 KB]

Andrew Salinger
Component-Based Scientific Application Development [PDF 1014 KB]

Andrew Salinger
Software Engineering Best Practices [PDF 112 KB]

Andy Terrel, Chris Kees, Aron Ahmadia, Dag Sverre Seljebotn and Ondrej Certik
State of Scientific Software Stacks [PDF 71 KB]

Andy Terrel and Matthew Turk
HPC Communities of Practice [PDF 80 KB]

Brian Van Straalen
Always be Profiling [PDF 67 KB]

Brian Van Straalen
Have a Default Implementation of Everything [PDF PDF 60 KB]

Venkatram Vishwanath, Tom Uram, Lisa Childers, Hal Finkel, Jeff Hammond, Kalyan Kumaran, Paul Messina and Michael Papka
Toward Improved Scientific Software Productivity on Leadership Facilities: An Argonne Leadership Computing Facility View [PDF PDF 86 KB]

Michael Wilde, Justin Wozniak, Timothy Armstrong, Daniel Katz and Ian Foster
Productive Composition of Extreme-scale Applications using Implicitly Parallel Dataflow [PDF PDF 70 KB]

Samuel Williams, Brian Van Straalen and Leonid Oliker
Productive Extreme-Scale Computing via Common Abstract Machine Models, Programming Models, and Integrated Performance Modeling [PDF PDF 44 KB]

Justin Wozniak, Timothy Armstrong, Dan Katz, Michael Wilde and Ian Foster
Toward Computational Experiment Management via Multi-language Applications [PDF 175 KB]