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ASCR Workshop on Software Productivity for Extreme-Scale Science

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy,
Office of Advanced Scientific Computing research
Hilton Rockville
Rockville, MD
January 13-14, 2014

Position Papers


Information on Position Papers is available for download in PDF format (64 KB).


Workshop on Software Productivity for eXtreme-Scale Science (SWP4XS) Position Papers

Position papers are provided as Adobe PDF files. Adobe Reader is necessary to view PDF files. If you don't have the latest version of Reader, you can download a free copy at the Adobe download site.

Roscoe Bartlett, Michael Heroux and James Willenbring
Agile Lifecycles for Research-driven CSE Software [132 KB]

Roscoe Bartlett
Overview of Software Challenges in CSE [102 KB]

Roscoe Bartlett
Fortran Isolates the CSE Community [83 KB]

Iván Bermejo-Moreno
Position Paper on Testing and V&V [49 KB]

David Bernholdt
Software as "Instrumentation" for Computational Research [32 KB]

David Bernholdt, Al Geist and Barney Maccabe
Resilience is a Software Engineering Issue [32 KB]

Jed Brown, Matthew Knepley and Barry Smith
Run-time Extensibility: Anything Less is Unsustainable [123 KB]

Jed Brown
Scalable Repository Workflows [96 KB]

Jeff Candy, Phil Snyder and Vincent Chan
Whitepaper for Extreme Scale Science Panel [42 KB]

Jeffrey Carver and George Thiruvathukal
Applying Appropriate Software Engineering to Exascale Software Development [118 KB]

John Cary
New Software Technology and its Relation to Application Lifecycle [64 KB]

Eric Cyr and Roger Pawlowski
Challenges for Component-based Multiphysics PDE Codes on Multicore Architectures [104 KB]

Anshu Dubey
Preparing Mature Codes for Generations of Heterogeneity [56 KB]

Stuart Faulk
Effective Software Engineering Approaches to Resolving Scientific Computing's Productivity Gridlock [103 KB]

Charles Ferenbaugh
Software Engineering Issues in Moving Legacy Codes to Future Architectures [67 KB]

Ian Foster
Dark Software: Addressing the Productivity Challenges of Extreme-scale Science On-ramps and Off-ramps [672 KB]

Robert Harrison
Productivity and Performance for Extreme-scale Science [80 KB]

Michael Heroux
Improving CSE Software via Rigorous Research Expectations [77 KB]

Paul Hovland, Barry Smith, Marc Snir, Lois Curfman McInnes and Boyana Norris
Exposing and Expanding Compiler Technologies to Improve Software Productivity in Developing Mathematical Libraries and Simulation Codes [219 KB]

Phil Jones
Software Productivity Challenges in Climate Modeling [61 KB]

Michael Kumbera
Efficient HPC Software Development [58 KB]

John Mellor-Crummey
Improving Software Productivity for Extreme-scale Systems with DSLs [54 KB]

Mark Miller
A Scalable Mesh and Field Data Source that is both Virtual and Tuneable [104 KB]

Ron Oldfield, Nathan Fabian, Kenneth Moreland and David Rogers
Productivity Challenges for Integrating Simulation and Analysis [267 KB]

P. Sadayappan
Enabling the Productive Development of Efficient Partitioned-address-space Parallel Applications from Global-address-space Abstractions [29 KB]

Andrew Salinger
Component-Based Scientific Application Development [1014 KB]

Andrew Salinger
Software Engineering Best Practices [112 KB]

Andy Terrel, Chris Kees, Aron Ahmadia, Dag Sverre Seljebotn and Ondrej Certik
State of Scientific Software Stacks [71 KB]

Andy Terrel and Matthew Turk
HPC Communities of Practice [80 KB]

Brian Van Straalen
Always be Profiling [67 KB]

Brian Van Straalen
Have a Default Implementation of Everything [60 KB]

Venkatram Vishwanath, Tom Uram, Lisa Childers, Hal Finkel, Jeff Hammond, Kalyan Kumaran, Paul Messina and Michael Papka
Toward Improved Scientific Software Productivity on Leadership Facilities: An Argonne Leadership Computing Facility View [86 KB]

Michael Wilde, Justin Wozniak, Timothy Armstrong, Daniel Katz and Ian Foster
Productive Composition of Extreme-scale Applications using Implicitly Parallel Dataflow [70 KB]

Samuel Williams, Brian Van Straalen and Leonid Oliker
Productive Extreme-Scale Computing via Common Abstract Machine Models, Programming Models, and Integrated Performance Modeling [44 KB]

Justin Wozniak, Timothy Armstrong, Dan Katz, Michael Wilde and Ian Foster
Toward Computational Experiment Management via Multi-language Applications [175 KB]