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SSAP Symposium 2017


Sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration
April 12-13, 2017

Presentation Guidelines

An SSAP presenterAll grantees will be expected to give an overview of their work to date and their plans. Twenty (20) minutes of time will be allotted for grants, 30 minutes for Centers. Please refer to the agenda for scheduled times. Note the guidelines outlined below.

Guidelines Regarding Presentation Content

Due to the nature of the symposium, each presentation should have a beginning slide explaining the goal of the project in a manner suitable for a colloquium with a scientifically literate audience.

Throughout the presentation, please avoid the use of discipline specific jargon or acronyms—unless they are explained clearly.

To ensure there is time for questions and to accommodate the large number of talks at this symposium, time limits will be strictly enforced. Each presenter will only be given the allotted time outlined on the agenda. Please arrange your talk to make the important points early.

Please refer to the guidelines below:

Do you have other questions regarding your presentation content?

Contact via e-mail Terri Stone.

Questions about audio visual requirements may be addressed at ssap@orau.org.