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Tennessee Science Bowl

Featured Speaker: Ron Hickland

Ron grew up in a small town in Indiana. From a young age, he had an inquisitive mind. He paired this curiosity with his love of bowling to develop a career in STEM as a bowling ball designer. Ron graduated from Purdue University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating, he has gone back to guest lecture at his old alma mater.

In 2015, Ron formed his own company, Creating the Difference, which focuses on bowler education and helping to grow the sport of bowling. He does this through coaching and STEM. Ron is currently the head coach for the US Virgin Islands Federation Bowling Team. Ron is not only a coach, but also an avid bowler who has amassed over 30 perfect games in his career and multiple honors scores. Some of Ron’s coaching clients include A List celebrities and Olympians. With the use of STEM, he develops innovative and competitive new products which are sold all around the world. In his spare time, he enjoys staying in shape and has competed in several half marathons and Spartan races all across the country.

Ron has been on multiple TV shows including Modern Marvels and How It’s Made. He has also been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and spoken at their conferences to help inspire young entrepreneurs. Ron’s first book, T he Tou rnament Mindset was a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. He has given a TEDx speech at Purdue University where he encourages people to pursue their passions. By speaking at events like these and engaging our youth, Ron hopes to inspire tomorrow’s innovators and leaders and spark an interest they may not have found otherwise.

Watch Ron's presentation at the 2017 TSB Dinner.