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Name Title
Car, Roberto Advanced Modeling of Ions in Solutions, on Surfaces, and in Biological Environments (16 KB)
Carlson, Joseph Nuclear Computational Low-Energy Initiative (366 KB)
Chelikowsky, James Scalable Computational Tools for Discovery and Design — Excited State Phenomena in Energy Materials (18 KB)
Collins, William Multiscale Methods for Accurate, Efficient, and Scale-Aware Models of the Earth System (49 KB)
Cramer, Christopher Charge Transfer and Charge Transport in Photoactivated Systems (81 KB)
Diachin, Lori Frameworks, Algorithms, and Scalable Technologies for Mathematics SciDAC Institute (341 KB)
Glatz, Andreas Optimizing SuperConductor Transport Properties through Large-Scale Simulation (563 KB)
Habib, Salman Computation-Driven Discovery for the Dark Universe (23 KB)
Haxton, Wick A MultiScale Approach to Nuclear Structure and Reactions: Forming the Computational Bridge between Lattice (QCD) and Nonrelativistic Many-Body Theory ("CalLAT") (93 KB)
Head-Gordon, Martin Simulating the generation, evolution and fate of electronic excitations in molecular and nanoscale materials with first principals methods (15 KB)
Hirata, So Predictive Computing for Condensed Matter (28 KB)
Hoffman, Forrest ACES4BGC Applying Computationally Efficient Schemes for BioGeochemical Cycles (82 KB)
Karsch, Frithjof Computing Properties of Hadrons, Nuclei and Nuclear Matter from Quantum Chromodynamics (74 KB)
Lipscomb, William Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales (PISCEES) (18 KB)
Lucas, Dr. Robert The Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy, and Resilience (SUPER) (51 KB)
Mackenzie, Paul Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model: Strongly-Coupled Field Theories at the Intensity and Energy Frontiers (82 KB)
Najm, Habib Quantification of Uncertainty in Extreme Scale Computations (QUEST) (29 KB)
Pask, John Discontinuous methods for accurate, massively parallel quantum molecular dynamics: Lithium ion interface dynamics from first principles (44 KB)
Shoshani, Arie SciDAC Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization Institute (62 KB)
Spentzouris, Panagiotis ComPASS High Performance Computing for Accelerator Design and Optimization (376 KB)
Wirth, Brian Plasma Surface Interactions: Bridging from the Surface to the Micron Frontier through Leadership Class Computing (18 KB)


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