Community Reception Center (CRC) Overview Video

Community Reception Center Operations in Radiation Emergencies: An Overview for Public Health Personnel


This 13 minute training video provides an overview of community reception center (CRC) operations for public health personnel and response partners.

CRCs are locations where public health personnel and response partners conduct population monitoring following a radiation emergency. CRCs are opened 24 to 48 hours after a radiological or nuclear incident. They are located outside of the affected area to service the people living in that community, and the displaced population arriving there. The basic services include:

  • screening people for radioactive contamination
  • assisting people with washing or decontamination
  • registering people for long-term follow-up
  • prioritizing people for further care

This video will orient viewers to the CRC process. You may also want to download a copy of the CRC process flow diagram desk reference. For more information on population monitoring, see the Population Monitoring Guide.


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