Science Education Research Programs at NETL

NETL employs various strategies to achieve its stated mandates. One such strategy is NETL’s commitment to the practical education of the next generation of young scientists and engineers through key educational initiatives at all academic levels. Among these academic levels is NETL’s demonstrated commitment to providing key resources that support and enhance undergraduate and graduate internships, postgraduate fellowships, and faculty training.

We invite you to review the links below to gain a better understanding of the education programs that NETL offers through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).

Undergraduate, Graduate & Recent Post-Bachelor’s Internships - PIP

The Professional Internship Program is designed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to the challenges of conducting energy research.

Post-Doctoral & Post-Master’s Research Experiences - PGRP

The NETL Postgraduate Research Program (PGRP) is a high-intensity program designed to not only identify recent master’s and doctoral graduates of high promise, but to continue developing advanced research skills within those graduates.

Faculty Research Experiences - FRP

The Faculty Research Program offers qualified academic faculty an opportunity to collaborate with NETL principal investigators on research that is mutually beneficial to NETL and the participant at state-of-the-art NETL facilities.