Meet a NETL Participant

Wildfire Profile

At the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Morgantown, West Virginia, Christina Wildfire is researching methods to improve technologies related to clean energy. Read more about Christina's research at NETL.

Epting Profile

At the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, postdoctoral researcher Billy Epting is focused on reducing the rate of performance degradation in solid oxide fuel cells. Read more about Billy's research at NETL.

Gao Profile

Entry-level chemical engineer Qianwen Gao’s research, as part of the Postgraduate Research Program at NETL, is helping scientists and engineers advance carbon capture technologies across the country. Read more about Qianwen's research at NETL.

Harris Profile

In the Professional Internship Program at NETL, engineering graduate student Aubrey Harris is investigating ways to keep hydraulic fracturing from contaminating the nation’s water supply. Read more about Aubrey's research at NETL.

Roth Profile

Elliott Roth, Ph.D. in chemical engineering, participates in the Postgraduate Research Program at the National Energy Technology Laboratory where he studies cost-effective means of carbon capture.
Read more about Eliott's research at NETL.

Levine Profile

In the Postdoctoral Research Program at NETL, earth and environmental engineer Jonathan Levine studied the movement of oil and gas in a simulated deep ocean environment at NETL’s high pressure water tunnel facility. Read more about Jonathan's research at NETL.

Stadelman Profile

In the Professional Internship Program at NETL, Matthew Stadelman used a CT scanner to observe topography changes in a micro scale fracture. His research holds implications for carbon sequestration and well leakage prevention. Read more about Matthew's research at NETL.

Sim Profile

In the NETL Professional Internship Program, Lawrence Sim used his bachelor’s degree in geography to model the behavior of oil in deep water. Read more about Lawrence's research at NETL.

Tkach Profile

Mary Tkach’s research on foamed cement in the U.S. Department of Energy Professional Internship Program at NETL could improve the efficacy of zonal isolation for oil and gas wells. Read more about Mary's research at NETL

Yang Profile

Jon Yang, a Ph.D candidate at Oregon State University, spends his time at NETL in the ORISE-administered Professional Internship Program studying how hydraulic fracturing impacts underground chemical processes. Read more about Jon's research at NETL.