United States Department of Energy Office of Science

ASCR Cybersecurity for Scientific Computing Integrity Workshop

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy,
Office of Advanced Scientific Computing research
Hilton Gaithersburg, 620 Perry Parkway
Gaithersburg, MD
June 2-3, 2015

White Papers

The submitted white papers are in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Reader is necessary to view PDF files. If you don't have the latest version of Reader, you can download a free copy at the Adobe download site.

Trustworthy Supercomputing

Franck Cappello, Argonne National Laboratory, Online Verification via External Algorithmic Observer [954 KB]

Stephen Crago, USC/ISI, A Research Agenda for Heterogeneous Hardware and Cloud-based Software Techniques for Integrity in Scientific Computing [177 KB]

Brian Gaines, Sandia National Laboratories, Weaving Security into Large-Scale HPC Systems [105 KB]

Joshua Letchford, Sandia National Laboratories, Cybersecurity Design Techniques Targeting and Leveraging HPC [80 KB]

Cong Liu, The University of Texas at Dallas, Trustworthy Supercomputing in GPU-accelerated Clusters via Smart GPU Virtualization and Memory Isolation [258 KB]

Barton Miller, University of Wisconsin, Towards a Comprehensive Mapping of the Extreme-Scale Software Life-Cycle and Its Implications for Security [76 KB]

Stacy Prowell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Applying Machine Learning to Software Analysis to Achieve Trusted, Repeatable Scientific Computing [96 KB]

Markus Schordan, LLNL, 3-Way Software Integrity for HPC [83 KB]

Jian Yin, PNNL Integrity and Data Confidentiality in Trustworthy Supercomputing [331 KB]

Knowledge and Analytics

Erik Boman, Sandia National Laboratories, High-Performance Computing for Extreme-Scale Data Analytics [90 KB]

Jonathan Crussell, Sandia National Laboratories, Attacking DBSCAN for Fun and Profit [20 KB]

Mahantesh Halappanavar, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Multi-faceted approach for cyber-resilience of extreme scale systems [313 KB]

William Hart, Sandia National Laboratories, Co-design of streaming analysis for exascale cybersecurity [146 KB]

Vitus Leung, Sandia National Laboratories, M&Ms: Measure and Manage Exascale-System Behavior for Security and Integrity [109 KB]

David Robinson, Sandia National Laboratories, Center for Computational Research (1461), Probabilistic programming as a framework for cyber security monitoring [55 KB]

Trung Tran, Altera Corporation, Trust within Open, High-End Networking and Data Centers for Understanding and Improving Cybersecurity [122 KB]

Steven Young, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Deep Learning for Cyber Security in Scientific Computing [51 KB]

Networks and Data Centers

Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory, Services, security, and trust [82 KB]

Craig Jackson, Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, Toward Evidence-Based Information Security Practice: The DOE Science Community's Opportunity for Real World Information Security Operations Research [99 KB]

Jose Nazario, Soar Tech, Performant Reasoning Systems for Cybersecurity in Data Center Computing [51 KB]

Adam Sypniewski, Soar Technology, Inc., Fingerprinting Multi-Tenant Computing Systems [472 KB]