Uploading an Acceptable Transcript

Once the transcripts have had all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) removed and are combined into a single file in PDF format, the applicant should click “Upload.”

Once a file is uploaded, we recommend that you open the file to verify that the file you uploaded is the correct file and that it is readable.

NOTE: The finished file cannot be larger than 10 MB. If it is larger than 10 MB, most copy centers will be able to reduce the file size.

Scanning a Paper Document

If you do not have a PDF copy of your transcript, you will need to redact the printed copy (see section below about Removing PII from a Paper Document) scan all pages of your transcript and then save them as a single PDF document. 

Be sure to scan all pages.

Removing PII from a Paper Document

PII may be redacted/removed in one of two ways:


Converting an Electronic Document to PDF

The program used to save the electronic version of the transcript may provide a tool to convert/print document as a PDF.

If the transcript is in a non-PDF electronic format that does not directly support conversion to PDF, the transcript may be printed, redacted, and scanned (see Scanning a Paper Document) into PDF.

Alternatively, there are some free tools online to convert files to PDF.

Removing PII from a PDF Document

If the transcript is already in PDF format and does not yet have the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (partial or complete Social Security Number, date of birth, and Student ID) removed from the document, a program such as Adobe Acrobat Pro (different from Adobe Reader) may be used.

Visual Examples of Transcripts

Acceptable Transcript (front)
Acceptable Transcript (back)
Unacceptable Transcript