Applicants selected to receive a DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship appointment must agree to the following:

Full-time commitment: Participants commit to full-time participation for ten consecutive weeks at the assigned Hosting Site between the months of May and August.

Health insurance: Participants are required to have health insurance coverage during the internship period and to provide proof of this coverage prior to the start of the internship.

Citizenship: Participants must provide evidence of citizenship (such as a photocopy of a U.S. passport, birth certificate, Certificate of U.S. Naturalization or Certificate of U.S. Citizenship) at the time appointment is accepted.

Poster session or oral presentation: Participants are expected to present their summer projects to the scientific community at the assigned Hosting Site.

Written Report and Feedback Form: Participants are required to write an eight to ten page paper about the internship experience and complete an online Feedback Form to help assess the effectiveness of the program.

Policies/regulations of the Hosting Site: Participants must adhere to the existing policies, regulations and procedures of the Hosting Site and obtain facility access as required.

Verification of enrollment and GPA: At the time appointment is accepted, participant must provide copies of official transcripts and proof of enrollment during Winter/Spring of 2017. A cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher on a 4.00 scale as of Spring/Summer 2016 is required to participate. Proof of enrollment may include one of the following: