The name and contact information of the hosting site internship coordinator is provided below for further assistance with questions regarding the hosting site; local housing availability, cost, or roommates; local transportation; security clearance requirements; internship start and end dates; and other administrative issues specific to that research facility. If you contact the internship coordinator, identify yourself as an applicant to the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program. For a list of research projects at each facility, please browse the Project Catalog.

Argonne National Laboratory logo

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Site Information (PDF)
Lisa Reed
(630) 252-3366

Engineer Research and Development Center logo

Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC)
Site Information (PDF)
Carla Koestler - Mississippi
(601) 634-3791

Cynthia Arrington – Virginia
(703) 428-3720

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) logo

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Site Information
Serena Watters
(202) 212-3553


Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Health Service Corps (ICEHSC)
Site Information
Diana Elson
(202) 732-3467

Idaho National Laboratory logo

Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Site Information
Ali Josephson
(208) 526-0940

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory logo

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Site Information (PDF)
John D. Valentine
(510) 486-4920

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory logo

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
Site Information (PDF)
Barry Goldman
(925) 422-5177

Los Alamos National Laboratory logo

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Site Information (PDF)
Scott Robbins
(505) 667-3639

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL)
Site Information
John Kuconis
(781) 981-7014

National Urban Security Technology Laboratory

National Urban Security Technology Laboratory (NUSTL)
Site Information
Abby Hooper
(212) 620-3617

National Security Technologies Remote Sensing Laboratory logo

National Security Technologies (NSTec)
Site Information (PDF)
Eric Wagner
(702) 295-8828

Naval Research Laboratory logo

Naval Research Laboratory
Site Information (PDF)
Erica Deschak
(202) 767-8323

Oak Ridge National Laboratory logo

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Site Information (PDF)
Benjamin Thomas
(865) 574-5438

U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal

Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP)
Site Information
Jessica Randall
(703) 235-9359

U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal

Office for Interoperabilty and Compatibility (OIC)
Site Information
Davis Hart
(202) 254-6946

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory logo

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Site Information (PDF)
Wendy Chunn
(509) 375-2810

Logo for DHS PIADC

Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC)
Site Information
Loren Reich
(631) 323-3040

Sandia National Laboratories logo

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Site Information (PDF)
Carol Lewis - California
(925) 294-3167

Alix Acevedo – New Mexico
(505) 845-9456

U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal

Sector Outreach and Programs Division (SOPD), Office of Infrastructure Protection
Site Information
Louis Fellerman
(703) 603-5238

Transportation Security Laboratory logo

Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL)
Site Information (PDF)
Richard Lareau
(609) 831-2760

U.S> Coast Guard Research and Development Center logo

United States Coast Guard Research & Development Center (CGRDC)
Site Information (PDF)
Susan Stevens
(860) 271-2662

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Laboratories and Scientific Services logo

United States Customs & Border Protection Laboratories & Scientific Services (CBPLSS)
Site Information (PDF)
Eugene Bondoc
(703) 921-7144