Please review the Application Requirements section in the How to Apply page before using the instructions below to complete an application for the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program. If you have already registered in Zintellect and completed your profile, you may skip steps 1 through 5 below and click the “Apply For This Opportunity” button at the bottom of the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship opportunity.

1. Begin the application process by registering in Zintellect.

2. Once logged in to the system, Click “My Profile” and subsequently Click through the navigational menu on the left (see image below) to complete the required sections of your profile (e.g., “Name,” “Address,” “Contact”). A checkmark will show next to each completed section of your profile (such as “Name” in the image below). Please enter any experience and skills that are relevant to your application in the Resume/CV that you must upload in your profile.

3. Once all required sections show a checkmark, you may click “Release” in the navigational menu on the left and follow the instructions for releasing your profile (refer to the image below).

4. After your profile is released, you can search the Opportunity Catalog in Zintellect and apply to any opportunity. To apply for the DHS HS-STEM program, please select the US Department of Homeland Security for Organization and the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program for Programs (see image below). Once the program shows in the Opportunity list, click on the program name (see image below).

5. Navigate to the bottom of the details page for the DHS HS-STEM program and click the “Apply For This Opportunity” button (see image below). If your profile indicates that you do not meet eligibility requirements, applying for this opportunity will result in an error message. If this occurs, please review the eligibility requirements for the program to be sure you are eligible to participate, correct any misinformation in your profile, and repeat the steps above. Contact us at if you have any questions.

6. Follow the instructions to complete the Application form for the DHS HS-STEM program. You will have to enter the reference codes of up to five projects from the HS-STEM Project Catalog (see image below). You will also have to upload your transcripts and complete application essays describing your career goals, research interests and their relevance to the DHS Science and Technology mission. Since the online text boxes for entering your essays do not have spell check, we strongly recommend that you write your essays in MS Word and copy and paste them into the online text boxes. After completing all required fields in the form, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

7. Select the references in your profile that you would like to be considered with your DHS HS-STEM application. Requests to complete a reference form on your behalf will not be sent until you submit your application. In order to insure that two references are received, you may add multiple references to your application. However, only the first two references received will be considered with your application. If you need to change the references for your application, you must withdraw the application and submit a new application.

8. Click the “Certify and submit” button at the bottom of the page. A “Thank you” page will be displayed where you will be able to download your complete application (see image below). We strongly suggest that you save a copy of your application.

9. You can update your profile at any time using “Update my Profile.” However, your submitted applications will not be updated. In order for your updated profile to be considered, you must withdraw the application and submit a new application.

We strongly suggest that you save a copy of your application before withdrawing it. DO NOT withdraw your application after the application deadline unless you intend to permanently drop your application.

NOTE: Do not forget to check the status of your references. You can do this by clicking the “Waiting on References” tab in your home page. If a reference has not been received, you can click the “resend” button to contact your reference again. The “Last Sent” column in your “Reference Status” displays when the last reference request was sent to your reference. Once two references have been received, your application will be listed in the “Available for Review” tab in your home page.


Remember, meeting the application deadline as well as ensuring the submission of all correct supporting documents (including references) and the application itself are your responsibility.