Emma Lieberman Emma Lieberman united her passion for analytics and post-disaster recovery through her participation in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) HS-STEM (homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Summer Internship Program. By investigating the strengths and weaknesses of two post-Katrina housing recovery programs, she worked towards determining what characteristics a long-term recovery housing program should have. Read more...

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The application period for the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program for the summer of 2015 closed on December 22, 2014.

Online Application System Instructions

Online Application System

Please review the How to Apply page before using the instructions below to complete an application for the DHS HS-STEM Summer Internship Program.

Online Application System Instructions

1. Begin the application process by registering in the Online Application System. Once logged in to the system, click the link to “Complete and release your Profile” (see image below).


2. Click through the navigational menu on the left (see image below) to complete the required sections of your profile (e.g., “Name,” “Address,” “Contact”). A checkmark will show next to each completed section of your profile (such as “Name,” “Address,” and “Contact” in the image below).


3. Once all required sections show a checkmark, you may click “Release” in the navigational menu on the left and follow the instructions for releasing your profile (refer to the image below).


4. Add projects from the Project Catalog to your application.* You may access the Project Catalog after logging in by clicking the “Project Catalog” button in the navigational menu on the left (see image below) or by using this URL: https://www3.orau.gov/DHS-Ed/Posting/AcademicLevel


*If your profile indicates that you do not meet eligibility requirements, attempting to add projects will result in an error message. If this occurs, please review the eligibility requirements for the program to be sure you are eligible to participate, correct any misinformation in your profile, and repeat the steps above.

5. Click “My Status” in the navigational menu on the left (see image below, top-left) and arrange your selected projects in order of preference using the “Preference” column buttons (see image below, bottom-left).


6. Click either of the blue, “Certify & Submit Your Application” buttons (see image above, bottom-right). Then click through the tabs along the top of the Certify & Submit page to verify your information (see image below), and follow the instructions to certify and submit your application.


7. You can update your profile and/or application at any time during the application period by using the “Update my Profile” and “Un-Submit Application” links in the Online Application System, but your application will not be considered unless the application status on your profile home page is “Submitted” by the application deadline (reference the image below).


NOTE: Do not forget to check the status of your references. You can do this by clicking the “Reference Status” tab in your profile home page. If a recommendation has not been received, you can click the “resend request” button to contact your reference again. The “Sent” column in your “Reference Status” displays when the last recommendation request was sent to your reference. In order to insure that two references are received, you may add multiple references to your application via the Online Application System at any time and you should sort these references in your preferred order. However, only two references will be reviewed with your application. The system will choose these references first by your preferred order and then by reference submission status.

Remember, meeting the application deadline as well as insuring the submission of all correct supporting documents (including references) and the application itself are your responsibility.

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