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Conditions & Requirements


Participants are required to acquire advanced approval from their home institutions to participate in this program. Travel arrangements and reimbursement will need to be handled through the home institutions. ORISE will work with home institutions to process reimbursement of approved travel-related expenses.

All actual living expenses including local transportation, room, board and entertainment are the responsibility of the faculty and student participants. DHS S&T Directorate Office of University Programs will fund lodging at the government rate and per diem for that locality. It is the responsibility of the program participants to pay all bills associated with living expenses in a timely manner.


Research conducted at the DHS Centers will be conducted in collaboration with the DHS Center researchers. Research conducted at S&T field sites will be overseen by DHS S&T staff, other DHS personnel or on-site research contractors. The DHS Center, component or contractor will be responsible for providing the research equipment and supplies required for each project. Participants are not expected to purchase materials needed to complete the assigned project. Anticipated needs for research equipment and supplies needs should be discussed with the DHS Center or DHS program sponsor before award acceptance.


At the completion of the summer research experience, participants are expected to present a research briefing to representatives from the hosting site at the DHS Center or to DHS S&T field research sponsors.

By the last day of the research appointment, participants will complete a program feedback form, and submit a five to eight page summary report of his or her research experience. In addition, the faculty will submit a one to two page plan that addresses how he or she will integrate the DHS summer research experience into classroom teaching.