Frequently Asked Question - Check here for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password at Click on the forgot password button.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my security questions?

You can reset your security questions by filling out the form at

I have forgotten my user name. What is it?

In most cases the user name is firstname.lastname.

I know I’m entering my password correctly, but I still can’t login to the site. What’s going on?

It’s likely that you’ve been locked out of the system. Wait 15-30 minutes and try to login again.

Who is eligible to register for the SNS SharePoint site?

At this time, only verified local, state, and federal personnel who have a role in preparing for a medical countermeasure response.

How is my registration verified?

Registrations are verified through coordination with the DSLR program services consultant assigned to the area. Please be patient with the registration process due to varying workloads.

What is the difference between the SNS Extranet site and the SNS SharePoint site?

The purpose of the SNS Extranet site is for formal, one-way communication from CDC to partners.

The SharePoint site was designed to be run by you! It is a less formal space for collaboration and exchange of ideas. The content is contributed by the community of users.

How will the decommissioning of the SNS Email Lists affect the SNS SharePoint sites?

We anticipate greater use of the site and more resources being shared through the SNS SharePoint site, especially as users take advantage of the alert feature that allows them to be notified when content changes on particular pages. This will be a convenient way to get announcements that were formerly sent out through the email lists.

My question isn’t listed here. How do I get an answer?

Email or contact your DSLR program services consultant.

What happens if my password has expired and I did not change it within the allotted timeframe?

If your password has expired and your password was not changed in the allotted timeframe your account will be deactivated for security purposes. To have your account reactivated send an email to All accounts are controlled by a database so using the password reset button will not work. Accounts have to be reset every 6 months to keep it active.