The White House National Strategic Computing Initiative Workshop

Hilton McLean Tysons Corner
October 20 - 21, 2015


The agenda is also available for download as a PDF file (114 KB). Adobe Reader is necessary to view PDF files. If you don't have the latest version of Reader, you can download a free copy at the Adobe download site.

Themes: convergence of data-intensive and numerically intensive computing; hardware technology for future HPC (beyond Moore's law); and improving productivity in HPC application development and deployment, and workforce development.


Day 1 | October 20, 2015 | 8:45 AM - 5:00 PM

Registration (8:15-8:45)

Welcoming Remarks (8:45-9:15)

Logistics (9:15-9:30)

Panel 1: Convergence of Data Analytics
and Computationally-Intensive Computing (9:30-10:30)

Moderator: Rob Leland
Sandia National Laboratories

William H. Burnett
U.S. Navy
Barry Chen
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Patricia McBride
Ryan Quick

Bill Lapenta
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Break (10:30-10:45)


Panel 2: Convergence of Data Analytics
and Computationally-Intensive Computing (Further Discussion) (10:45-11:45)

Moderator: Dona Crawford
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

David Bader
Georgia Institute of Technology
Chris Johnson
University of Utah
Peter Koenig
Procter & Gamble
Anna M. Michalak
Carnegie Science & Stanford University

Fred Streitz
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lunch (11:45-12:45)

Keynote (12:45-1:30)
Thomas Theis
Semiconductor Research Corporation

Panel 3: Future Computing Technology (1:30-2:30)

Moderator: Irene Qualters
National Science Foundation

Wilfried Haensch
IBM Research
Steve Oberlin
Shekhar Borkar
Doug Burger

John Martinis
University of California, Santa Barbara & Google

Break (2:30-3:00)

Breakout Sessions (3:00-5:00)


Day 2 | October 20, 2015 | 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Summary of Breakout Groups from Day 1 (9:00-9:30)

Keynote (9:30-10:15)
Kathy Yelick
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley

Break (10:15-10:30)

Panel 4: Improving Productivity in HPC Application
Development and Deployment, and Workforce Development (10:30-11:45)

Moderator: Gerald Blazey
Northern Illinois University

Ewa Deelman
University of Southern California
Patrick McCormick
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Keshav Pingali
University of Texas
Barbara Chapman
University of Houston & Stony Brook University
Michael Franklin
University of California, Berkeley
Todd Gagorik

Lunch (11:45-12:45)

Breakout Groups (12:45-2:30)

Summary of Breakout Groups from Day 2 (2:30-3:00)

Closing Remarks (3:00-3:30)