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Welcome to DOE’s Weatherization Training Centers Toolkits

Here, you will find many resources to assist you in developing or enhancing components of your Weatherization Training Program (WTP). Five toolkits—Accreditation, ISD, NEAT/MHEA, Training Assessment and Resources—will help you get started.

You can access any of the toolkits by clicking on the links below on this page. You can also access the toolkits from any page by clicking on the links at the top of the toolbox. Most of the toolkits contain a READ ME FIRST file, located in the blue box to the right of each toolkit description. We recommend starting with this file before navigating through the rest of the content.

  • The Accreditation Toolkit describes the accreditation process to become an accredited Weatherization Training Center (WTC). It provides tools and resources to gauge your center’s readiness for accreditation and begin the documentation process.
  • The Training Assessment Toolkit provides a process and tools to collect, analyze, and evaluate information to answer basic questions about the effectiveness of your training program.
  • The ISD Toolkit provides resources to enable trainers to conduct Instructional Systems Design (ISD) training, with a focus on the training needs of the weatherization industry.
  • The NEAT/MHEA Toolkit provides resources to enable experienced trainers to conduct NEAT/MHEA instruction and resources to increase the effective use of the NEAT/MHEA Weatherization Assistant by trained users.
  • Finally, the Resources depository is a general collection of templates, tools, prerecorded webinars and teleconferences, and helpful websites.
We ask for your feedback as you explore the different resources available on this site because we want it to be as helpful as it can be to you. All comments are welcome!
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