Sample Quality Assurance Performance Measures

Percent error in reliability projections Percent of product that meets customer expectations
Time to answer customer complaints Number of customer complaints
Number of errors detected during design and process reviews Percent of employees active in professional societies
Number of audits performed on schedule Percent of QA personnel to total personnel
Percent of quality inspectors to manufacturing directs Percent of QE's to product and manufacturing engineers
Number of engineering changes after design review Number of process changes after process qualification
Errors in reports Time to correct a problem
Percent of suppliers at 100 percent lot acceptance for one year Percent of lots going directly to stock
Percent of problems identified in the field Variations between inspectors doing the same job
Percent of reports published on schedule Number of complaints from manufacturing management
Percent of field returns correctly analyzed Time to identify and solve problems
Percent of lab services not completed on schedule Percent of improvement in early detection of major design errors
Percent of errors in defect records Number of reject orders not dispositioned in five days
Number of customer calls to report errors Number of committed supplier plans in place
Percent of correlated test results with suppliers Receiving inspection cycle time
Number of requests for corrective action being processed Time required to process a request for corrective action
Number of off-specifications approved Percent of part numbers going directly to stock
Number of manufacturing interruptions caused by supplier parts Percent error in predicting customer performance
Percent product cost related to appraisal scrap and rework Percent skip lot inspection
Percent of qualified suppliers Number of problems identified in-process
Cost of scrap and rework that was not created at the rejected operation Level of customer surveys



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