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help guyGraduate Opportunities
Actively pursuing or planning to pursue a master's, doctoral, or professional degree at an accredited U.S. college or university.

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Program Majors Year-round appt Summer appt
Advanced Industrial Materials Fellowship Program materials science, materials engineering, metallurgical engineering, ceramic engineering cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)  
Department of Commerce Internship for Postsecondary Students computer science, engineering, life science, physical science, related business disciplines   cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)
(or fall and spring)
Department of Energy Student Diversity Partnership computer science, economics, engineering, finance, law, mathematics, policy, project management, science, statistics,   related disciplines   cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)
Minority Institutions Biological and Environmental Student Research Participation biomedical science, environmental science, life science, related scientific disciplines   cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Student Research Participation business, computer science, engineering, life science, physical science   cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)
Office of Biological and Environmental Research Global Change Education Program atmospheric sciences, climatology, ecology, global carbon cycles, terrestrial processes   cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Historically Black Colleges and Universities Student Research Participation computer sciences, engineering, geosciences, health physics, human factors, materials sciences, mathematics, molecular/ radiation biology, physical sciences, statistics-related nuclear material control and accounting cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes) cdgldbal.gif (166 bytes)

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