Administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

Description: opportunities to participate in research and technology development in such areas as engineering, mechanics, chemistry, computational modeling, science, and materials research related to enhancing the lethality and survivability of America's ground forces

Discipline(s): biological, medical, and physical sciences; computer/information science and technology, computational modeling, materials research, related scientific disciplines

Eligibility: undergraduate and graduate students; U.S. citizens

Location(s): U.S. Army Research Laboratory (Adelphi, Md. and Aberdeen Proving Ground) and other approved locations

Duration: three months to one year; full-time or part-time appointments; renewable

Frequency: continuing

Awards made: number varies

Deadline(s): applications accepted on year-round basis

Benefits: stipend based on research area(s) and academic classification

Funding source(s): U.S. Army Research Laboratory through an interagency agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy


Group Manager

Joanne Rasnake
(410) 436-7257


Kim Myers

(410) 436-7258

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Student Research Participation at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory