What is the Illness and Injury Surveillance Program (IISP) ?

--- Please note: This program was closed in February 2012. ---

Illness and Injury surveillance assessed the overall health of the current DOE workforce at 14 DOE sites and facilities. The goal was to identify groups of workers that might be at increased risk for occupation-related injury and illness. In response to indications of excess risk, program staff could assess the need for additional investigations. Surveillance was based on continuous collection, analysis, and interpretation of selected morbidity, demographic, and occupational exposure data. The program was a corporate resource providing its customers with timely health information. Program staff also provided epidemiologic and public health expertise in the evaluation of worker health concerns. Reports summarizing the results of epidemiologic surveillance were published annually and are still available (Select menu tab "Annual Reports"). Implementation of epidemiologic surveillance advanced the automation of health data management systems at sites such as the INEEL, fostering the development of state-of-the-art medical information management.

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