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Resource Title Nanoscale ESH for R&D Operations
Vendor/Sponsor Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Format Web-based training
Dates of Review 05/15/08
Program Design Elements Not Available Yes No Not Applicable
Clear, consistent screen design      
User-friendly; intuitive navigation      
Pace is learner controlled      
Job-like examples included      
Module map/table of contents      
Exit option with bookmark feature       
Content Elements Not Available Yes No Not Applicable
Contains accurate information      
Relevant and accurate graphics      
Relevant job-like examples or other      
Definitions for technical terms      
Logical sequence      

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Reviewers' Comments:

The reviewer rated the materials as good and noted they would be appropriate for DOE and DOE contractors to use. If used, would need to change ORNL-specific site slides or use the site-specific slides as examples.

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