Project Status

Miamisburg Environmental Management Project
(Mound Plant)

Follow-up Audit Report on the Department of Energy's Performance of the Miamisburg Closure Project

Miamisburg Environmental Management Project

DOE Ohio Field Office

Mound Long Term Stewardship Initiative

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE), Office of Science and Technology (EM-50), has initiated a Long Term Stewardship Initiative (LTSI) at the DOE Miamisburg Environmental Management Project (Mound Plant) located in Miamisburg, Ohio. Long Term Stewardship (LTS) is designed to provide DOE, regulators, and stakeholders with the assurance that human health and the environment are protected following cleanup.

The object of the LTSI is to confirm that the Mound site and its facilities will be safe and secure following site closure by DOE. This will be accomplished by ensuring that the remediation solution is performing as designed for that time period (perhaps centuries) during which residual environmental contaminants may be present.

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