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The presentations listed below are in PDF format. Adobe Reader is necessary to view PDF files. If you don't have the latest version of Reader, you can download a free copy at the Adobe download site.

Presenter Presentation Title
Agarwal, Anant The Road to Exascale: Are We Being Radical Enough? (7.39 MB)
Bergman, Keren Silicon Photonics for Exascale Computing (9.48 MB)
Borkar, Shekhar Technology and Design Challenges to Realize Exascale (2.95 MB)
Dally, Bill Power and Programmability The Challenges of ExaScale Computing (1.17 MB)
Elnozahy, Mootaz Lessons from HPCS/PERCS (399 KB)
Geist, Al The Path to Exascale What is the Monster in the Closet? (1.24 MB)
Jouppi, Norman Research Gaps in Photonics, Memristive Memories, and Architecture (1.57 MB)
Kogge, Peter Update on Current Trends and Roadblocks (782 KB)
Mountain, David An ACS view of the current Exascale efforts (4.06 MB)
Murphy, Richard Through the Exascale Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There (4.87 MB)
Resnick, Dave Needs Within and Above the Exascale Program (688 KB)
Resnick, Dave Memory for Exascale and ... Micron's new memory component is called HMC: Hybrid Memory Cube (994 KB)
Shalf, John Exascale: Past, Present, Future (3.31 MB)
Snavely, Allan Whose job is it to find locality? (1.06 MB)
Sterling, Thomas Exascale Execution Models (852 KB)


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