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Proceedings Published for 2011 DHS S&T University Summit

The Journal of Homeland Security has published the proceedings of the 2011 DHS Science Conference – 5th Annual University Network Summit, focused on Catastrophes and Complex Systems: Transportation. Thirty-seven white papers from the Summit, held March 30–April 1 in Washington, DC, are now available in a special on-line issue published on June 21, 2011 at: Homeland Security Journal DHS University Summit 2011

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Audio recordings of the presentations from this year's DHS Summit are now available.

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Summit Materials

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Speaker Presentations

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Wednesday, March 19

Explosives Division Plenary Panel
Title: Explosives Division
Doug Bauer
Explosives Division Basic Research Overview (1.1 MB)

Mike Silevitch
Research Overview of the DHS Center of Excellence
For Explosives Detection Mitigation & Response
(1.3 MB)

Command Control and Interoperability Plenary Panel
Title: Chemical & Biological Division and COE Alignment

Eduard Hovy
Homeland Security: Research in Discrete Sciences (1.5 MB)

Richard May
Visualization and Analytics Centers (1.2 MB)

Lance Valcour
Improving Cross-Border Interoperability: Partnerships in Action (620 KB)

Concurrent Panel Sessions (2:15 - 3:15 pm)

Explosives Detection

Doug Bauer
Explosives Division Detection Research (450 KB)

Greg Dicinoski
Identification of Improvised Explosives by Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and Ion Chromatography (IC) (3 MB)

William Rhodes
NEXESS Center Overview (197 KB)

Innovative Education Environments David Ebert
PK- 12 Educational Programs (138 KB)

Cinda Heeren
Data Sciences Summer Institute at UIUC (134 KB)

Christopher Janneck
STEM at Lehigh University (317 KB)

Eric Klopfer
Imagination Toolbox (2.1 MB)

Tom Kowalyczyk
Innovative Educational Environments (405 KB)

Isaac Maya

Mildred Ofosu
Standardizing DHS Math and Science Materials for Mass Distribution in K-12 Schools (144 KB)

Cindy Randall
FIRST and University Programs, DHS S&T Progress Report (113 KB)

David Starkston
Talent Force Development Concept (323 KB)
Global Food & Agriculture Mike Orosz
FASTRANS: Modeling the Interstate Movement of Animals and Commodities (1.2 MB)
Mitigating & Recovering from Chemical and Biological Attacks

Don Bansleben
Mitigating and Recovering from Chemical and Biological Attacks (712 KB)

George Bettinger
Rift Valley Fever in the USA Appearance and Recovery (364 KB)

Eiichi Tamiya
Development of the chemical / biological agents multi detectable biosensor and concept of the network monitoring system (3.1 MB)

Collaborative Research with Minority Serving Institutions Terri Adams-Fuller
Dilemma in the Midst of a Crisis (316 KB)

David Caspi
Assessing the Evolution of Four Far Far-Right White Supremacist Extremist Groups (138 KB)

Nina Fefferman
Analyzing Entropy in Biosurveillance (419 KB)

Edu Suarez
Understanding Avian Influenza Virus: Infection, Pathogenicity and Prevalence (1.9 MB)

Data & Visual Analytics Research



John Dill
Building Visual Analytics Research Capability in Canada (2 MB)

Eduard Hovy
Research in Discrete Sciences (415 KB)

William Ribarsky
SouthEast RVAC Research that Supports CCI (1.8 MB)

John Stasko
Investigative Analysis – Putting the Pieces Together
with Jigsaw and Visual Analytics
(2.5 MB)

Concurrent Panel Sessions (3:30 - 4:30 pm)

Breakthrough Research in Explosives

Claude Roux
The Detection of Organic Explosives using Lab-On-A-Chip Technology and Related Research (1.3 MB)

Medical Surge Capacity Gabe Kelen
Science of Surge Medical Response Capability (1.3 MB)

Kathie McCracken
Annual DHS Network Summit: Medical Surge Capacity (168 KB)

David Marcozzi
Emergency Preparedness Research: An ASPR Initiative (1 MB)
Event Modeling

Tim Carpenter
Exotic Disease Modeling and Decision Making (1.3 MB)

Andy Jaine
Evaluating and Managing the Consequences of Terrorist Attacks via the Food Supply (980 KB)

Biological Threat Characterization Kevin Anderson
Biological Threat Characterization (568 KB)

Steve Bennett
An End-End Quantitative Approach for Estimating Bioterrorism Risk in the Department of Homeland Security (411 KB)

Diane Berry
DHS Office of Health Affairs Biological Threat Characterization Panel
(717 KB)

Chuck Haas
Dose Response Assessment of Agents of Concern and Implications for Risk Assessment (571 KB)

Tomoya Saito
Biodefense Policy & Research in Japan (600 KB)

DHS Scholars & Fellows: The Best and the Brightest

Lindsey Holmstrom
Modeling the Introduction of Classical Swine Fever Virus into U.S. Domestic and Feral Swine Populations (576 KB)

Stuart Lee
The Relationship Between Political Violence and ‘Conventional Crime’ in Northern Ireland (94 KB)

Michael Metzger
Avoiding The Eye of the Storm (1.3 MB)

Azedah Namvar
Detection of Patulin Mycotoxin using Molecular Imprinted Polypyrrole Modified Electrodes (527 KB)

Transitioning Research into Usage to Support of Regional Needs Bruce Baicar
Command, Control and Interoperability (417 KB)

David Ebert
Visual Analytics for Regional Needs: Applications in Command & Control, Emergency Response, and Public Health Surveillance (1.4 MB)

Richard May
CompStat NG (Computer Statistics, the Next Generation) (1.2 MB)

William Pottenger
Intelligence Led Policing: Enhancing Force Deployment in Law Enforcement and Counter Counter-Terrorism Using Data & Visual Analytics (1.4 MB)

4:30 - 5:00 pm

John Tesh, Deputy Director for Capabilities, Civil Contingencies Secretariat, UK Cabinet Office
Lessons Learned from Natural and Terrorist Emergencies in the UK since 2000
(1.4 MB)

Thursday, March 20

Borders & Maritime Security Division Plenary Panel
Title: Borders & Maritime Security Division
Jeanne Lin
DHS S&T Borders & Maritime Security (736 KB)

Jose Riojas
Center of Excellence for Border Security and Immigration (45 KB)

Jay Nunamaker
University of Arizona Team (538 KB)

Michael Bruno
National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce and Coastal Environments (CSR) (2.2 MB)

Roy Wilkens
The Center for Island, Maritime and Extreme Environment Security (CIMES) Overview (965 KB)

Human Factors Division Plenary Panel
Title: Analyzing & Assessing Terrorist Threats

Gary LaFree
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (1.3 MB)

Magnus Ranstorp
Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies (181 KB)

Sharla Rausch
S&T Human Factors Division: Overview (413 KB)

Infrastructure Protection and Geophysical Science Division Plenary Panel
Title: IGD Activities & Needs from University Centers of Excellence
Guy Barber

Chris Doyle
Infrastructure/Geophysical Division Overview (228 KB)

Mary Ellen Hynes
Infrastructure/Geophysical Division Overview (3 MB)

Mary Ellen Hynes
National R&D Initiatives Relevant to Critical Infrastructure (2 MB)

Mary Ellen Hynes
Protection Continuum (32 KB)

Mary Ellen Hynes
Natural Disaster Reduction (19 KB)

Gavin Smith
DHS Center of Natural Disaster, Coastal
Infrastructure and Emergency Management
(370 KB)


Sir Keith O’Nions, UK, Director General of Science and Innovation
Keynote: Homeland Security and Academic Research in the UK (422 KB)
International Panel - International Homeland Security Challenges
Title: International Homeland Security Challenges & Research Opportunities

Anthony Ashley
Public Security S&T Research Challenges in Canada (434 KB)

Lee Fook Kay
Prospective Risk Assessment and Technology Engagement in Countering Evolving Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive Threats (1.5 MB)

Marco Malacarne
7th Framework Programme for Community R&D (FP7) “Security” Theme (61 KB)

Shinichi Mizumoto
Research and Development of Science and Technology for Counter-Terrorism in Japan (356 KB)

Bengt Sundelius
Societal security (1.3 MB)

Risk Assessment Plenary Panel
Title: Multi-Dimensional Risk – Multi-Discipline Collaboration

Steve Bennett
An End-End Quantitative Approach for Estimating Bioterrorism Risk in the Department of Homeland Security (1 MB)

Adam Rose
Assessing Economic Consequences of Biological Events (118 KB)

Bob Ross
Risk & Homeland Security Decision-Making: What Do Decision-Makers Need? What Can Risk Analysis Provide? (116 KB)

Detlof Von Winterfeldt
Experiences with Risk Analysis and Implications for Bioterrorism (153 KB)

Concurrent Panel Sessions (2:45 - 3:45 pm)

Research on Community Resilience Around the World

Michael Dunaway
Science & Technology Directorate Human Factors Division (600 KB)

Louise Lemyre
Psychosocial Risk Assessment and Management in Canada: Preparedness and Resilience (859 KB)

Lorraine Mazerolle
Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (600 KB)

Fran Norris
Capacities that Promote Community Resilience: Can We Assess Them? (332 KB)

Border Security Research – Present & Future Bojan Cukic
Sensor Networks in Border Security Applications (412 KB)

Charles Keating
Research for an Environment to Deal with Complex System Problems (776 KB)

David Throckmorton, Joe O'Neill
Modeling Impacts of US Immigration Policy (453 KB)
Infrastructure Protection Activities & Needs from University COE

John Fortune
Critical Infrastructure Sectors (683 KB)

Mary Ellen Hynes
National R&D Initiatives Relevant to Critical Infrastructure (1.9 MB)

Mike Silevitch
ALERT: Awareness and Localization of Explosives-Related Threats (1.4 MB)

Emergency Preparedness & Response Activities and Needs from University COE Garry Stevens
Psychosocial Response to CBRN Terrorism:
Establishing a Multi-SSeerrvviicce Decision Support Tool
(544 KB)

Satoshi Tadokoro
Rescue Robotics in Japan (3.3 MB)
Maritime Domain Awareness: Security Challenges Worthy of Research

Dan Boger
Maritime Domain Awareness: Interagency and Educational Collaborations (1.8 MB)

Peter Crouch
The Center for Island, Maritime and Extreme Environment Security (2.6 MB)

David Throckmorton
Officer Tools & Safety (325 KB)

Risk Sciences - Case Studies in Innovative Multi-Disciplinary Risk Analysis Alison Jones
Risk communication in chemical terrorism - what do we know and what are the challenges? (468 KB)

Chloe Squires
Risk Informed Planning for Resilience - The UK Approach (321 KB)
Concurrent Panel Sessions (4:00 - 5:00 pm)
Infrastructure & Geophysical Division Activities and Needs from University COE Warren Edwards
Resilient Communities – Resilient Regions: A Resilient Nation (713 KB)

Mary Ellen Hynes
Grand Challenges from the National Science & Technology Council’s Subcommittee on Natural Disaster Reduction (19 KB)

Mike Matthews
Infrastructure Geophysical Division Overview (365 KB)

Kathie McCracken
Infrastructure and Geophysical Division Activities and Needs from University Centers of Excellence (119 KB)

Gavin Smith
DHS Center of Natural Disaster, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management (370 KB)

Modeling, Simulation & Analysis Activities and Needs from University COE

James Coolahan
Demonstration of an Urban Chemical Disaster Simulation for Preparedness and Response (1.5 MB)

Charles Hutchings
Homeland Security Perspective on Modeling and Simulation (M&S) (958 KB)

Kurt Peterson
Risk and Vulnerability Analysis – Applied in Crisis Management (184 KB)

Port Security Chuck Brownstein
Small Vessel Threats Areas for Research (389 KB)

Scott Glenn
National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce and Coastal Environments (CSR) (4.7 MB)

Bob Knetl
Borders and Maritime Security Division Port Security Panel Session (466 KB)

David Olive/Rich Cooper
Port Security A View from the Private Sector (533 KB)
Real World Applications of Student Research Projects Kelly Matthews
County Animal Security and Health Network (CASHN) (709 KB)

Student Abstracts & Posters

Student Organization Title  
Adibhalta, Varun The Pennsylvania State University, NEVAC NeoCITIES Transactive Memory System for Geo-Collaboration in Emergency Crisis Management



Agrawal, Ritesh  The Pennsylvania State University, RVAC Capturing, Visualizing, and Sharing the Process of Data Analysis

Anderson, David Purdue University, RVAC  STL and Local Regression for Modeling Disease Surveillance Counts



Bates, Bradley Texas A&M University-Kingsville, FAZD Center, SRT Establishing a Safe and Effective Model System for Evaluating the Rift Valley Fever Vector Competence of North American Mosquitoes Abstract

Cowden, Kimberly North Dakota State University, NCFPD Perceptions of Risk and Crisis Communication Among Vulnerable Populations



Culpen, Alison New York University,  CREATE Infrastructure Needs of Vulnerable Populations in Catastrophes Abstract

De Jesus-Velazquez, Noried University of Puerto Rico in Ponce,  SRT Understanding Avian Influenza Virus:  Infection, Pathogenicity and Prevalence



Delgado, Amy Texas A&M University, FAZD Effects of Foreigh Animal Disease Outbreaks on United Kingdom Animal Health Policy:  Implications for Emergency Response in the United States Abstract

Do, Quang Xuan  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, COE, IDS New Search Paradigms to Facilitate Meaning based Information Retrieval



Epkins, Heather University of Maryland,  START  How National Security Reporters Make Meaning of Terrorism Information Disseminated by the U.S. Government:  An Extension of Mass Communication and Terrorism Theory Abstract

Evrim, Vesile University of Southern California, CKID, IDS
Context Based Information Trust Analysis for Threat Detection



Fahey, Susan University of Maryland, START A Further Exploration of State Fragility and Terrorism Abstract

Frisk, Megan University of Wisconsin-Madison, NCFPD Microfluidic Sensor for Botulinum Neurotoxin



Goldberg, Noam Rutgers University, DyDAn, IDS A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Enumeration of Efficient Container Inspection Strategies Abstract

Hafen, Ryan Purdue University, RVAC  Visualization Databases:  Lossless Visualization of Large and Complex Data



Hagerman, Amy Texas A&M University, FAZD Economic Impact Analysis of Foot and Mouth Disease in the Texas High Plains Abstract

Haphuriwat, Naraphorn University of Wisconsin-Madison, CREATE How Many Containers to Inspect to Deter Terrorist Attacks



Holmstrom, Lindsey Texas A&M University, S&F Parameterization of the Multi-Scale Epidemiologic/Economic Simulation and Analysis (MESA) Model of Classical Swine Fever Virus Abstract

Hong, Tao Drexel University, CAMRA Analytical Equations Relating Aerosol Risk to Surface Concentrations



Huang, Yin Drexel University, CAMRA
Incorporating Time Post Inoculation into a Dose Response Model of Y. pestis in Mice Abstract

Kim, SungYe Purdue University, PURVAC Visual Analytics for Emergency Response and Training on Mobile Devices



King-Smith, Deen Purdue University, RVAC Muscatatuck Urban Training Center Abstract

Lee, Stuart University of Cambridge, Institute of Criminology, ENGLAND, START Relationship Between Conventional Crime and Political Violence in Northern Ireland



Maciejewski, Ross Purdue University, RVAC LAHVA:  Linked Animal-Human Health Visual Analytics Abstract

Matthews, Kelly Texas A&M University, FAZD Early Detection/Rapid Response to Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Diseases Through a County Animal Security and Health Network



Mei, Qiaozhu University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IDS Contextual Text Mining with Probabilitstic Topic Models Abstract

Metzger, Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CREATE A Stochastic Decision Model for Hurricane Logistics, Preparedness, and Response



Mitchell-Blackwood, Jade Drexel University, CAMRA A Hierarchical Model for Probabilistic Dose-Response Assessment of Bacillus anthracis Abstract

Monge-Navarro, Francisco Texas A&M University, FAZD Development of Rapid and Inexpensive Diagnostic Kits for Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Rift Valley Fever



Namvar, Azadeh University of Guelph,  Ontario CANADA, NCFPD Detection of Patulin Mycotoxin Using Molecular Imprinted Polypyrrole Modified Electrodes Abstract

Opendi, Stella North Dakota State University, NCFPD Overconfidence in Crisis Messaging:  A Case Study of Agency Misspeak During the Melamine Pet Crisis of 2007



Park, Seungkyung Texas A&M University, NCFPD Concentrating Bacterial Spores from Milk and Juices Using Dielectrophoresis Base Microfulidic Capture Systems Abstract

Parr, Scott Florida Atlantic University, PACER Scholarship Evaluation of Emergency Evacuation Strategies for the Urban Chemical Disaster Federation



Pellegrino, Don Drexel University, NEVAC, RVAC Automated Hypothesis Generation and Evaluation by Network Structure Content Analysis and Visualization Abstract

Rosoff, Heather University of Southern California,CREATE
What Do We Know About Public Perception of Terrorism Risks?



Sawyer, John Georgetown University, START When Terrorists Compete:  The Marketplace of Violence Abstract

Stryker, Michael The Pennsylvania State University, RVAC
Health GeoJunction:  Tracking Infectious Disease Threats and Related Science



Tamrakar, Sushil Drexel University, CAMRA Dose-Response Model for Burkholderia pseudomallei (Melioidosis) Abstract

Turner, Milanika Howard University, College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, PACER Effects of Debriefing on Police Stress after a Crisis



Weir, Mark Drexel University, CAMRA Quantification of the Effects of Age on the Dose Reponse of Vairola major in Suckling Mice Abstract

Yamazaki, Kazutoshi Princeton University, DyDAn, IDS Asymptotic Theory of Sequential Change Detection and Identification



Ziemkiewicz, Caroline University of North Carolina at Charlotte, SRVAC Global Terrorism Data Visualization Abstract